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Why It's Important

  1. Fertilizing supplies nutrients needed during the high demands of the growing season.
  2. spacerA vigorous and healthy lawn resists weeds.
  3. spacerProper nutrition protects your grass from pest infestations and helps it recover should one occur.
  4. spacerA thriving lawn is more resilient to traffic.
  5. spacerspacerProper pH is maintained in your soil.
  6. spacer Nitrogen is supplied for leaf and shoot growth and a deep green color.
  7. spacerPhosphorous is provided for establishing seedlings and root growth.
  8. spacerPotassium is given for greater tolerance to hot and cold weather and against wear.
  9. spacer An application of fertilizer in the fall prepares your lawn for winter and speeds itsrecovery in the spring.
  10. spacerFertilizing establishes new lawns and maintains established lawns.

Customizing The Application

Not all applications of fertilizer should be the same. The temperature and amount of rainfall help to determine when is the best time to apply fertilizer. There is also a greater need to fertilize when the grass is at the peak of its growing season. The faster the grass grows, the more nutrients it needs. A soil test will show exactly how much nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium should be applied.


Usually trees and shrubs will get most of the nutrients they need from the fertilizer that is put on the lawn. Yet, this means that the lawn will be losing some of the nutrients that it needs to grow and be healthy. Fertilizing trees and shrubs ensures that both they and the lawn get all the nutrients that are required.

Trees and shrubs planted next to drive-ways or sidewalks naturally can’t get any nutrients through the concrete or asphalt. This can give rise to deficiencies that will be compensated for by fertilizing.

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