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Hydroseeding is becoming more and more popular as an effective means of establishing a new lawn. It is a process that utilizes a mixed media of cellulose fiber, seed, fertilizer and water. After being thoroughly mixed into a soupy consistency, this media is sprayed on the lawn by machine. Sprouts will appear in as little as three days and a fully established lawn will be achieved in three weeks or less.

Hydroseed Advantages
  • Protection of seeds from heat and birds during germination process.
  • spacerSoil temperature is maintained.
  • spacerMore even application of seeds than is possible with broadcast seeding.
  • spacerEspecially effective in keeping seeds from being washed away on slopes.
  • spacerProvides added organic components to enrich the soil after the lawn is established.
  • spacerNo need to remove straw as is the case with broadcast seeding.
  • spacerRetention of moisture as seeds sprout.
  • spacerAllows for a better root formation as opposed to sodding.


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