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  • Mulch makes plant beds look better.
  • Mulch prevents weeds from germinating and can kill off many small weeds.
  • Mulch that is organic provides warmth as it decays, helping protect plants in winter.
  • Mulch such as pine bark keeps the soil cooler than it would be in direct sunlight.
  • Mulch lessens the evaporation of moisture.
  • Mulch helps protect against soil erosion and keeps rain from splashing mud against the house.
  • Mulch keeps fungus spores and nematodes from splashing up against plants and causing disease to spread.

Mulching leaves is far easier than bagging them. It is also better for the environment than burning them. Oak leaves supply good nutrients to the soil and are especially beneficial for plants such as azaleas which require acidic soil.

Pine bark is attractive as mulch and has the added feature of lasting for a long time before needing to be replenished. Its bulkiness keeps it from looking as compacted as some other mulches.

Where sprouting weeds or trees are a particular problem, a special cloth is available at most nurseries that will block weeds. This cloth is black to prevent light from getting through but perforated to allow water to get to the roots. Most claim to last up to five years.

Remember to adjust the amount of water you give to a mulched plant bed. Though the moisture is re-tained better, it also needs to be able to get past the layer of mulch. If a weed block is used, some of the water will run off before permeating the cloth.

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